Luxury 600 Gsm Bamboo Bath Towels

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600GSM Bamboo Bath Towel 
A luxurious and soft towel made from the finest bamboo and cotton fibers to produce a product that is second to none in terms of touch and feel, as soft as cashmere and as smooth as silk, perfect for those with even the most sensitive of skin. 
The wicking effect of Bamboo Towels allows the towel to absorb up to 3 times more than cotton towels alone, this makes this towel not only luxurious but practical too. 
The natural properties of the Bamboo Towel allows this towel to be antifungal and odour free ensuring that your towel stays soft and fresh in between washes. 
Bamboo is also recognised as one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable sources of fibre in the world. Growing at an amazing 2 feet per day makes it a very sustainable and efficient producer of fibers, contributing to conservation efforts and helping tackle deforestation. 

Type: ​Bath Towel (70 x 130cm) Weight:​ 600 gsm (grams per square metre) 
Composition:​ 50% Bamboo & 50% Cotton 
Wash Care:​ Machine Washable at 40°C 

Manufactured using the finest cotton 
We manufacture our own Bamboo Towels as this allows us to select only the finest and highest quality cotton and bamboo on the market. This ensures that we produce a better quality product that stays soft and fluffy for longer, because we feel you deserve the best. This approach has allowed us the secure a loyal customer base that buy from us time after time as they know that our products are quality assured. 

What is GSM (Grams per Square Metre)? 
GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is the weight/density of the towel. A higher GSM rating of around 500 to 600gsm indicates a thicker, denser towel which will be more durable and longer lasting than a towel with a lower GSM rating. As tempting as it may be to buy cheaper towels of lower quality, especially in care and hospitality areas, your towels will quickly begin to deteriorate through washing and use. Our towels will stand the test of time, use and washes in order to give your clients the best most luxurious experience available. To buy better quality that will last is a far better for you financially than having to change cheap towels regularly.




Reviews (26)

Dorothy Wilson 30th Mar 2018

I haven't yet used the bamboo towels …brilliant

I haven't yet used the bamboo towels but they have been washed and feel amazing. I intend to order more when they are in stock. Brilliant!

David Jones 29th Mar 2018

Bathroom bamboo.

I was in the market for bath towels after a friend looked through my towel drawer and consigned 40% of them to the local cats shelter. Hence I was forced into finding replacements and after some research came across the bamboo/cotton mix towels at Absolute Home Textiles. I was intrigued at the concept and attracted by the price so I decided to give them a go so bought a small bundle. With free - faster than expected delivery - I felt I was on a winner. So far so good. I am impressed and the cats shelter wont be getting their paws on these for some time.

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