- Medical sheepskins are used all over the world, the
healing and soothing properties are recognised by the
healthcare industry internationally.
- Widely used in hospitals and care homes especially
for beds as a mattress overlay, chair throws and seat
pads for wheelchairs. Perfect also for use in hospital
nurseries for babies.
- They are a natural bio product, so helpful to our
- Washable, hard wearing, durable and anti-bacterial

ORTHOPAEDIC helping the body heal and offers pain relief from joint
problems, arthritis and pressure bed sores

CONTAINS NATURAL SOOTHING LANOLIN for skin conditions such as
Eczema, sensitive or inflamed skin

NATURALLY FIRE RESISTANT to 570-600C making them safe to use
in care homes, hospitals and domestic homes

RESISTANT TO BED BUGS dust mites and mould growth

BREATHABLE disperses heat and stays cool to the touch offering
amazing good quality sleep. Perfect for regulating temperatures for
the elderly and very young

NATURALLY COMFORTABLE stress free inbuilt cushioning with

ORGANICALLY tanned using plant tannins instead of chromium and
chlorine, so pure can be used for babies.