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Mattress Protectors

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See our range of quality mattress protectors, including extra deep protectors, quilted, terry towelling, waterproof and FR Fire Retardant mattress protectors (BS-7175). Our mattress protectors are just like fitted sheets but with extra advantages. As with our non-protective fitted sheets, these mattress protectors suit any size of bed, including Super King Size. This range includes the Extra Deep Quilted Mattress Protector designed to fit up to a 16” mattress, something which some customers have said they find difficult to find elsewhere, whether at a store with luxury bedding or one which supplies wholesale linen (as it happens, we have both!).

Mattresses are of course very expensive, and so to protect them as much as possible is important. Not only will protection ensure that it will be much longer before you have to shell out for a new mattress – it will also give you a more comfortable night’s sleep for longer. No-one likes a lumpy mattress! The mattress protectors are machine washable, comfortable as well as practical, and make little noise.

Our mattress protectors have fire retardant and waterproof options. The waterproof protector has highly absorbent terry towelling – a very popular material which is woven with loops so as to be more absorbent of water and moisture.  100% PEVA waterproof backing ensures a highly efficient product. In addition to this PEVA is more kind to the environment than some alternative options. 


A good sleep is very important for our wellbeing and state of mind. We can work better in our lives if we have slept well, and achieve more with our time during the day. After a moderate temperature in the bedroom, a comfortable mattress is the most important factor in getting a good night’s sleep, and it is only comfortable while it is in good condition.


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