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Perfect for:

  • Private homes

  • Hotels

  • Care homes

  • Institutions ...and many more.

Our Duvet & Pillow Protectors are ideal for keeping your mattress and bedding in top condition. These protectors help to avoid damage from spillage along with stains making sure your duvets & pillows stay in top condition.

The flame resistant pillow and duvet protectors (BS-7175) are ideal for hotels and nursing homes - and the quilted mattress & pillow protectors would be perfect for private home.

These duvet and pillow protectors consist of many useful features. They can reduce the impact of day to day wear and tear and so help to make your bedding last longer and even look good as new for longer. They also are waterproof, and so, guard against the common stain and spills. With their flame retardant composition, you can surely have a peace of mind when using this as your bedding. These protectors are also machine washable - ensuring the flame retardant feature will not easily reduce over time.

Our duvet protectors are Polypropylene fabric. Polypropylene is a widely used substance in many areas of industry and at home. It is used to protect carpets, which tends to take a lot of damage in places such as offices, gyms, or academic institutions and even in the home.

With the feedback from our customer reviews, these pillow and duvet protectors guarantee to make a big difference to your home. It would be nice if you could let the kids have a bit more freedom and act like they’re grown up while secretly knowing when the inevitable accident happens, these protectors can deal with any spills and stains. Our customers have also often explained how the availability of our wide variety of bedding have been extremely convenient for them. For example, trying to find a larger sized bedding is always an issue - here at Absolute, our Extra Deep Quilted Mattress Protector in this range are available to meet your demands.


If you require any colours or sizes not shown here then do not hesitate to contact us. You can try reaching us through Live Chat between 9.30am - 6.00pm, where our well renowned customer service team are here ready to help solve all your queries.


We stock a complete range of Pillow Protectors, Including:

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