Wholesale Discounted Flame Retardant Fitted Sheets (BS 7175 - Crib 7)

We have an impressive and high quality range of BS 7175 flame retardant fitted sheets which will suit all requirements.


Domestic use:

  • Private homes

Institutions such as:

  • Prisons

  • Hospitals

  • Care homes

  • Dormitories ...and many more.

Fitted sheets are an integral part of a bedding set. Not only do they protect the mattress by keeping them fresh for longer - saving you hundreds of pounds  - but they add to comfort with their rich silky feel. Here at Absolute, our range of flame retardant sheets such as these are treated to be as comfortable as possible without you having to compromise with its durability and superior quality. The treatment allows the polyester fabric to feel a lot like polycotton.

The Fitted Sheets in this range meet the requirements of the British Standard 7175 test. This is the most important test in the UK on products which claim to be flame retardant. These tests are performed with detailed steps to confirm that the products are indeed flame retardant to the extent needed. They involve 8 different recreations of ways in which fires might start. It also includes testing under different conditions, for example different levels of humidity.

At Absolute, we are expert linen wholesalers and carry valuable experience in providing bedding in bulk to UK and international customers since 1984. That’s why institutions such as hospitalsprisonscare homes and other large organizations nationwide are proud to be loyal clients to us, continuously using Absolute Home Textiles as their first choice suppliers. When it comes to flame retardant bedding, we understand institutions, as well as our retail customers require only the safest - which is why we provide a reliable service and stock only the finest quality products.


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If you have any queries regarding our range of FR Fitted Sheets, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can try reaching u sthrough Live Chat between 9.30am - 6.00pm where our well-renowned customer service team will be happy to help solve any of your problems.