FR Duvet Covers & Pillowcases

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Take some time out and have a look at our ranges of flame retardant & waterproof duvet covers and pillowcases. Most institutions in the UK order bedding in large volumes and with high regularity - which is why they require bedding that is long lasting, reliable and easy to use. It is also important for them that the people using their institutions are as safe and comfortable as possible. Our range of waterproof and fire retardant bedding can ensure clients have the best protection without having to compromise with it’s beautiful quality. If you’re looking to buy in bulk from us, Absolute guarantee you’ll will be further impressed by the considerable discounts on our products.

When acquiring flame retardant duvets and pillows, matching them with both flame retardant duvet and pillow covers will ensure total safety throughout.


This is the premier test in the UK to decide whether a product meets the fire retardant capabilities required to be sold as ‘flame retardant.’ The tests are rigorous and use 8 different methods to recreate ways in which fires may start. They also control the environment in which the tests are conducted because of course in the real life situations the products will go on to be used in. Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature will vary a lot. These products are fit for use both in any institution or at home - where your waterproof pillowcases and duvet covers will help reduce the stress and hassle caused with accidents e.g. spillages, stains - these covers are made with highly durable fibres, guaranteeing to protect your duvets & pillows keeping them looking newer for longer.

Along with providing that safety and durability - our duvet covers and pillowcases also come in a range of colours to suit your interior design at home , even for institutions. If you require colours or sizes not shown here - Contact us or feel free to pop up on our live chat weekdays between 9.30am - 6.00pm. Our well renowned customer service team are always here and happy to solve any of your queries.

We supply a complete range of covers and pillowcases, including:

Waterproof & FR - Duvet Protectors | Waterproof & FR - Pillow Protectors | FR Duvet Covers BS 7175 Crib 7 | … and many more.