Wholesale Discounted Hotel/Institutional Towels

Perfect for:

  • Hotels

  • Care homes

  • Guest Houses

  • Institutions ...and many more.

Listed here are our complete range of Hotel Institutional Towels, perfect for hotels, guest houses and B&Bs. We sell at discounted wholesale prices, meaning you get the very best quality hotel towels at some of the lowest prices in the UK!  

Why not have a look at our bath towels, hand towels, guest towels and flannels/face cloths.

The running of businesses and institutions, as anyone who is involved in it is aware, is a complex task. We aim to make the lives of facilities managers easier with good honest, high quality products. Here at Absolute we offer our in depth knowledge and experience when selling in bulk within wholesale.

COLOURS AVAILABLE: White or cream in colour.

Towels for hotels and institutions usually come in white, as we understand this shade represents professionalism and most importantly cleanliness! We supply most of our products in classic white - which is what a lot of institutions and catering businesses demand – it shows there’s no trying to hide behind dark shades! Of course clarity about hygiene is especially important in hospitals, but customers in the catering industry appreciate it too. Other institutions will like the uniformity that it brings.

The products in this range include ring spun, 100% cotton fabrics. This makes them super soft to the touch but also can provide high durability. We want to make the life of those involved in laundry easier too – as well as the facilities managers!

As a towel treat – here is a quick fact about the hotel industry:

The biggest hotel in the world is the Izmailovo Hotel in Moscow, Russia which has an amazing 7,500 rooms. Although they are kind of cheating a bit, because actually it is a collection of four hotels in one location. Perhaps instead the award should go to the MGM grand in Las Vegas, USA. That only has a mere 6,852 rooms, but no doubt still a lot of towels.

If you have any queries regarding this product, then please feel free to contact us or pop up on our live chat on weekdays between 9am - 6pm. Our well-renowned customer service team are always here to help.