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We stock a massive range of quality hollowfibre and microfibre duvets & pillows, in stock for immediate UK dispatch:

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We understand that its essential your duvet must keep you comfortable and warm for them long restful nights - however, we believe that the essential functions and qualities of a duvet should offer far more.

Here at Absolute, all our duvets are wonderfully soft and luxurious, and without having to compromise they still last a very long time with their hard wearing and easy care features - ensuring you receive the best sleep from those peaceful nights. Our range of duvets are great value for money, perfect for all seasons. We know that when you hide under your duvet at night you feel a sense of security and comfort, which is why these duvets were specifically designed to stay lightweight and soft against your skin to help you feel nicely surrounded.

The need for sturdy and reliable pillows and duvets are especially high in institutions such as hospitals, care homes and prisons etc. Managers and staff who work in these sort of environments aim to make sure their clients are being treated with the utmost care and safety. It is important that the staff and users of these facilities are kept just as safe and comfortable as possible. At Absolute, we are expert wholesalers and experienced in providing bulk orders, and institutions all over the UK have often been our most consistent and grateful customers since 1999. No order is too large or complex to be dealt with by ourselves and only we are guaranteed to understand what it is you really demand for when you require quality bedding.

We supply a range of flame retardant and waterproof blankets. Our flame retardant blankets are tested to BS 7175 standards to ensure they do their job to the highest level. The waterproof blankets offer the greatest protection from all spills and stains - with their easy care features all our bed linen products are machine washable and perfect for all conditions.

Hollowfibre, as the name suggests, consists of fibres which are completely hollow inside. This feature allows it to trap air inside the duvets and insulate you better, keeping you warmer for longer during those cold chilly nights. The fibres also ensure to protect and help your duvet or pillow maintain their shape and structure making them last for longer. Microfibres are very thin, and therefore possess a super soft & light element.


Why not see our other ranges available, this includes a variety of bounce back and easy care options. Here at Absolute, we guarantee any organization and retail customer will find what they are looking for - receiving their order quickly and cheaply with our reliable delivery service.