Wholesale Discounted Tea Towels & Kitchen Cloths

Kitchen linen are essential to the smooth running of any place, whether for businesses such as restaurants, cafés, and large scale event etc; or even institutions such as hospitals, care homes, prisons; or even your family home. High quality, long lasting and affordable products such as these make the lives of housewives, and even, ‘househusbands’ that little bit easier, just as they make the lives of staff effortless for their cleaning and catering department. All items being discounted, as much as two thirds off in some cases, with a variety of colours and different pack sizes available. Take a look at our wide and comprehensive range of wholesale discounted kitchen linen, including tea towels & kitchen cloths.

Interesting Facts

Here’s an interesting question – why are dusters always yellow? Well one reason may be that dirt shows up more easily on that colour, but some other theories are more interesting:

1) It was the colour of the flag that ships used to use when coming into port to signal that the ships’ crew were all clean and healthy!

2) It is the colour of spring, especially daffodils, and represents spring cleaning.

3) Before modern cleaning and polishing products came along beeswax was used, and yellow dusters are a tribute to the colour of that old fashioned material.

We are experts in supplying all our products wholesale in bulk; and we are able to provide to any demands our customers might have, so please do not hesitate to contact us and ask as we will solve your queries. With our unbeatable discounted prices, along with the quality of our products and combined with our wholesale capabilities; we go a long way towards making Absolute Home Textiles one of the best suppliers of kitchen essentials in the UK.

Wholesale suppliers to:

  • Hotels
  • Guest houses
  • Hospitals