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Whether it’s for a hotel, wedding convention, special occasions, or for home, you can find the perfect linen to match your tables and add more vibrancy to your dining space. Please note that some of our tablecloths are special ‘made-to-order’ items. You can find full details by choosing one of the many variety of table linen we have in stock.

At Absolute we provide an impressive and diverse collection of discounted table linen for both wholesale and retail customers since 1999. We have a huge range of high quality table linen (tablecloths & napkins) selling reduced prices, with supplies being shipped to our retail and wholesale outlets. We always aim to maintain a good rapport with our clients and are experts in the supply of bulk tablecloths which is why we are one of the main distributors for this particular product.  Our selections and ranges of table linen are perfect for enhancing and protecting your table so that both your family and guests feel privileged when dining with you.

Selectand choose from our choice of linen, including:

| 100% Cotton Damask Satin Band | 100% Cotton Damask Ivy Leaf | ...and many more.

Choose and select with our 100% Cotton Damask Satin Band and 100% Cotton Damask Ivy Leaf in white which are amongst the highest quality linens in stock that are both suitable for luxurious restaurants and hotels. To our 100%Polyester ranges which come in a variety of colours. Whether at home, general catering or at a special occasion, what goes on behind the any event big or small is the logistical operation which needs to run smoothly at all times. By using our highly durable and ‘easy care’ tablecloths to protect your tables at any given event, you can worry less about having to maintain any potential damages from stains/spills and scratches. We hope to make the running of any function smoother, and we are more than certain our high quality table linen can do exactly that.

At Absolute Home Textiles we understand that your tablecloths must do two important things. Firstly decorate your table and add a lavish touch to your dining experience. Secondly be an integral part of your interior design, whilst providing long lasting protection for you dining table. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require colours or sizes not shown here. Our well renowned customer service team are always here and happy to solve any of your queries.