Wholesale Discounted Pillowcases

We stock a complete range of pillows, including:

| 68 Pick Polycotton Envelope Style | Easy Iron Cotton Rich Satin Stripe | Bounce Back pillows | V-Shape | ...and many more.

We also stock a huge range of domestic pillowcases, in 100% cotton, quilted, easy iron and more.

There are significant discounts on almost all of these products, some of more than 50%. Here at Absolute, our range of pillowcases cover everything our customers require; from efficiency, to design and luxury. The Flame retardant pillowcases are great products for both homes and institutions. For institutions, the kind of tasks that the places might perform could easily lead to any number of incidents, especially in places such as hospitals, prisons and care homes etc. The impact of such incidents can be reduced if the bedding they use is protected. Flame retardant bedding is not only protected against fire, these items are all highly durable meeting the BS-7175 standard. We can supply these in various pack sizes to ensure every institutional facilities demands are made available.

We also provide pillowcases which are both flame retardant and waterproof, to cover as many inevitable accidents as possible. Along with our easy iron features and quilted pillow protector options, our pillowcases can guarantee life will be made easier for managers and private homeowners looking to purchase quality bedding. We can ensure the safety and efficiency in the bedding we provide, as we have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing wholesale products at the point of purchase.

Domestic homes and bed and breakfasts or guest houses will benefit massively from efficient products such as the pillowcases mentioned previously – but along with the efficiency comes many options on design and a wide range of colours. Why don’t you check out our great, stylish option with the Red Complete and Red Bumper bedding sets?

Feel free to contact us with any queries and we can provide you with the best support and customer service.