Luxury Plain Towels

We sell a full range of luxury plain towels, hand towels, bath sheets and face cloths.  Our entire cotton towel range is manufactured from 100% pure cotton.

Typically available in:

  • 480gsm

  • 500gsm

  • 600gsm

These fabrics are midranges of GSM which provides quality along with efficiency.

We're continually adding to the range, recently including our Royal Egyptian Towel Collection and Samoritz Luxury Velour Towel range. The simplicity of the towels add to their luxurious brand, with its classic appeal and elegant designs.

They have a perfect balance of weight and material - meaning they carry less weight and volume taking less time to dry, yet still able to maintain their highly durable and absorbent features.

Within our variety of luxurious towels we provide a wide range of colours:

| Royal Red | Royal Blue | Selection of Rustic Pastel colours |

All colours help to add vibrancy to our towels, allowing you to choose the colours that match your interior designs and bathroom. Our carefully chosen colours add to the special feel of the product and compliment the soft luxurious feel the towels give.

Here at Absolute we understand relaxing and winding down is a great feeling and for some of us can be really rare. Whether its after a hard day at work, or whether you're providing guests at home or in our workplace; a top notch towel is a small way of adding to the simple pleasures of everyday life.