FR Duvets & Pillows

We have an impressive and high quality range of flame retardant and waterproof duvets and pillows which will suit all requirements.


Domestic use:

  • Private homes

Institutions such as:

  • Prisons

  • Hospitals

  • Care homes

  • Dormitories ...and many more.

Our range of flame retardant duvets and pillows are tested to BS 7175 standards. This is the single most important test in the UK in order to measure whether the products are fit for use and is indeed as flame retardant to be safe considered durable and safe. These tests involve recreating 8 different ways in which a fire might start. They also are placed in conditions where fires would tend to grow, for example when tested, the temperature and humidity in the rooms are changed so they replicate all real life environments.

you may find a lot of concern with the safety and reliability element of these types of products, here at Absolute, we are guaranteed to be the no.1 reliable choice of outlet for customers looking to buy top of the range Flame Resistant bedding. Our products meet the requirements for all prisons in the UK, and rest assured, all other institutions we have supplied in the past (care homes, private schools etc) have had their high standards met successfully.


Along with providing robust, reliable quality products that your institution will need – we also have the expertise with years of experience in supplying bulk bedding since 1999 - in doing so, we have successfully built a great network and rapport with our clients around the UK. We can make the running of your facility easier at every stage with these products. Our FR Duvets & Pillows are available in large numbers, sizes within single and multiple packs are available. Why don’t you have a look at our range of Waterproof bedding?Just like the flame retardant products, these include both pillows and duvets. Waterproof bedding can ensure accidents and spillage can be dealt with prematurely.

Please contact us and our staff will be pleased to assist you with regards to any queries you may have.

We stock a complete range of FR duvets & pillows, including:

| Waterproof & FR PU Duvets (10.5 Tog) | Waterproof & FR - Duvet Protectors | Waterproof & FR Green Tint Duvets | FR Pillows | ...and many more.