Do you need bedding that contains all the essentials at an exceptionally affordable price? Look no further as our economy bedding packs are not just for students but anyone looking for a budget bedding range. 

We supply an outstanding collection of bedding packs to wholesalers, retailers, hotels and other institutions.Our premium bedding sets encompass everything from fitted bed sheets, high-quality mattress protectors and duvet covers right down to decorative pillow cases and super soft towels. To transform the reputation of your business, our wholesale bedding packs are tailored towards meeting all your budget options and have specifications that meet a high standard of quality designed to boost all businesses ranging from small-scale retail shops to large-scale wholesale stores. Besides, we understand the need to offer a blissful sleeping experience to your guests, and that is why our luxurious bedding packs for hotels ensure that your guests experience supreme comfort while sleeping, are super stylish and perfect for any high-class hotel. Our grand bedding packs are available in a vast array of style, colour, and material and they contain the following bedding necessities.

Duvet covers

Soft and divinely woven, our superior quality duvet covers will create the most luxurious hotel bedroom, a durable dormitory as well as propel any wholesale or retail business to the highest level of profitability. They are designed to ensure tight sleep in quality linen maximising your guests' stay in your hotel. We understand that besides comfort, a cosy bed needs pieces that add style as well as highlight the aesthetics of any bedroom. As such, our duvet covers are made in unique designs that transform bedrooms into super styled living spaces. They also come in stunning plain colors and are perfect for the most modern hotel bedroom. From cotton rich satin striped covers to easy iron percale and envelope styles, our duvet covers will entirely transform your business from well-stocked to lavishly-supplied. Made from the world's finest material, these duvet covers are a super way to add a luxurious layer of warmth in homes, hotels and university dorms and are perfectly made to enable peaceful and stylish rest as well as give users the best night's sleep.

Fitted sheets

Our fitted sheets are worth the cost since they are durable and uniquely sourced to offer maximum quality at minimum price. These unique luxurious bed accessories bring opulence and cosiness to your hotel or university bed as they give a super soft and plush feel and users will easily slip to dreamland. They come in perfect sizes to ensure a perfect tuck at the mattress base and give the dreamiest and toasty experience all night. Besides adding comfort, they also make a significant difference in the protection and durability of even the oldest mattress. We also craft every fitted sheet with perfect pocket depth to ensure that it remains in place throughout the night. To upgrade your business's supply, our fitted sheets come in an extensive range of material, colour, size, and style so you will get a perfect taste for every customer. Besides, they are designed to ensure that one remains covered in comfort throughout the night.


Our vibrant and elegant pillowcases add a splash of class and style to any bedroom; create a stunning finished look besides brightening up the whole room. These great value products deliver quality and style direct to your business. From cotton rich, easy iron to V- shape and percale options our fantastic selection of high-grade pillowcases enables users to rest their heads on untainted luxury and comfort. To incorporate a modern and urban appeal, the pillowcases blend perfectly with contemporary university bedrooms, modern homes, and high-class hotel rooms. They are a great spur to any businesses whether retail or wholesale and will refresh the appearance of the simplest pillow to create a fascinating look on any hotel bed. Besides the incredibly warm and stunning pieces are a fantastic addition to bedroom decor as they bring great fun, style and class to beds. Further, they are subtly cool and incredibly soft to give users comfy beds suitable for that dreamy sleep that one requires after daylong studies, travel or work.

Mattress protectors 

Our premium collection of mattress protectors is designed to stay warm in the cold season and cool in hot weather making it a perfect boost for wholesalers, retailers, universities, and hotels. Divinely crafted, they will guard mattresses against all sorts of damages, keep them hygienic and are undetectable under the sheets. To add extra comfort in your hotel bed, they are soft woven and possess super allergy protection properties so your guests will feel super refreshed. For sound night sleep, these tip-top mattress protectors are specially woven to add that extra layer of super luxury to sleep on. 

Treat your hotel guests or students to some life in the lap of luxury with our generously designed bedding packs. From basic, luxury and complete to premium, easy care and high-quality, our bedding packs allow wholesalers and retailers to discover elegance, style and the greatest value for money. Browse to view the incredible packs.