Wholesale Bath Mats

Our luxurious collection of beautifully woven bath mats provide a soft and comforting surface to step onto after a soak. With a range of different types of bath mats to choose from, there is something for every bathroom. 
All of our bath mats are super absorbent and provide bathrooms with a stylish and comforting look that's perfect for institutions and homes.

Available in a range of weights to suit all needs, our bath mats provide the absorption needed to stop you from slipping when you finish your soak. We offer a range of colours for all of our bath mats, meaning you can add style to your bathroom.

Perfect for:

  • Private homes
  • Care homes
  • Hotels
  • Institutions
  • Spas

If you’re thinking of shopping for home accessories, you probably think about buying cushions, sofas, footstalls, wall art and other fun stuff.

Cool home accessories that are beautiful are great, but you also need to consider practical options as well. An important example of a vital home accessory for any bathroom is a bath mat.

Bath mats aren’t just bathroom rugs; they act as a crucial part of your bathing routine and can help you to dry your body and your room more efficiently.

The team here at Absolute Home Textiles UK understands the importance of a good bath mat, and we also know that many homeowners often overlook them.

So, we’ve written this handy blog post to explain the benefits of bath mats and how you can get the most from the ones in your home.

Benefits Of Bath Mats

If you’re thinking: can’t I just spread a bath sheet over the bathroom floor? Why do I need a bath mat? Then here are some of the many benefits of bath mats for your home:

  • Absorb Excess Water: The main benefit of having a bath mat is that you will be able to mop up excess water that drips off your body as you get out of the tub or shower. Also, if you do spill extra water on the floor during your wash, your bath mat will catch it. If you leave excess water on the floor, then it could cause damage and get trapped in cracks, causing dirt and mould. So, a bath mat can improve the cleanliness of your bathroom and make your floor easier to clean and maintain.
  • Reduce The Chances Of Slips And Falls: Walking on a wet floor, particularly a tiled or stone one, which are common in bathrooms, can put you at risk of falling down and hurting yourself. Having a bath mat to soak up the excess water and keep you secure. You can even get rubber bath and shower mats to keep you safe in the tub as well as out of it.
  • Personalise Your Bathroom: Bathrooms can be hard to decorate. It’s not easy to find waterproof décor that’s actually useful. Bath mats are both! So, you can transform your space and make it your own while also keeping your floors dry and safe.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a bath mat in your home, but you need to make sure you pick out the right one and take great care of it. Carry on reading for more tips from our experts!

Choosing The Perfect Bath Mat

Selecting the perfect bath mat takes some time, especially if you’re incredibly house-proud and want every accessory to be stylish and in keeping with your existing décor.

The main factors to consider are:

  • Material: Rubber bath mats go inside the tub, while towelling ones can be used on the floor outside the bath. Towelling options include smooth cotton or fluffy terry towelled mats and luxury bath mats with a smooth finish and funky borders.
  • Shape: Rectangle mats are the classic shape, but there are many different options for your bathroom. Some providers offer circular or square bath mats, ones that can come in funky shapes of your favourite cartoon characters or a cool shape like a rainbow. Check out all the options to find the ones you love that will set your bathroom apart.
  • Pattern: Some bath mats, such as our Greek-style mats, have a cool pattern that can fit in with your theme if you have one. Also, these mats look unique and set your bath mat apart from your other towels.
  • Colours: The colours you choose will affect the look and feel of your bathroom. White is the classic option, but it can easily be stained, especially by harsh chemicals and lots of dirt. Instead, you should consider a darker colour, such as navy, purple or even black.

Take your time checking out a range of bath mats from suppliers like us, who have a wide range of options. We’re bound to have at least one that suits your look!

Keeping Your Bath Mat Clean And Pristine

Most homeowners who don’t want a bath mat are against them because they think they’re dirty. If you’ve ever been to a relative or friend’s home, and they don’t wash their bath mat after each use, then you’ve probably seen a mouldy, damp-smelling bath mat that’s put you off.

It doesn’t have to be that way if you clean your bath mat regularly. Like your towels, bath mats should be washed after each use, as they get very wet and will hold onto old water and skin cells that fall from your body after you wash.

For big houses and anyone who has a lot of guests, that means you might need to keep a stash of spare bath mats handy just in case people need to take extra baths or showers.

As a leading wholesale home textiles provider, Absolute Home Textiles UK can get you fast shipping on a range of products, including our extensive selection of bath mats. So, if you find that you need more bath mats quickly or you need to replace your spare stash, you can get everything you need from us.

When To Replace Your Bath Mat

Like towels, bath mats should be replaced every two years if they’re used an average amount. If you have a guest bathroom, run a holiday home or take extra showers because of your job or hobbies, then you might need to replace your bath mat sooner.

If you’re unsure about when to replace your bath mat, or yours is tired and definitely needs to get in the bin, then you should check out our range.

As well as bath mats, we also offer an extensive selection of towelstable linenbeddingbath robeskitchenware and more. When you shop with us, you can get everything you need for your home at a great price.

Start shopping by checking out our selection online, or contact us to learn more about great products and how we can help you kit out your home or business.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration on how to make the most of your bath mats and other home textiles, check out our blog. Have fun shopping for a bath mat!