Wholesale Discounted Luxury Embroidered Towels

Perfect for:

  • Private homes

  • Hotels

  • Institutions ...and many more.

Today, many people continue embroidery as a hobby. Interior design, like embroidery, is an art – and the two go together very well. Whether being used in a private home or in a business which receives guests, these towels are a great choice. They work especially well for boutique hotels, guest houses, even for bed & breakfasts etc. These towels are perfect if you want to add some character to your towel collection, or even create a contemporary and classy look in your bathroom - with many colours to choose from finding the right towel to fit your interior design couldn’t be any easier.

Our Luxury Embroidered Towel ranges are being sold at wholesale discount prices, whether you're buying single towels or bulk orders. See our range of floral and designer embroidered towels for something a bit special to add a stylish touch to your bathroom.

These products come in a variety of designs and packs, including sets of hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets all embroidered. These are a great addition to your home or a nice gift idea - embroidered towels are homely but classic at the same time.

Embroidery is considered an art form. The earliest evidence of embroidery comes from China in around the 5th century BC. It has also been a big part of the Turkish and Middle Eastern culture, and still continues to be today. Ancient civilizations of South and Central America used intricate embroidery in their clothing, while in medieval England embroidery was a way of making records – the most famous example being the Bayeux tapestry.

The designs on these products are rustic and traditional, such as the Roma Leaf or the Laura Leaf. The colours are similarly rustic in gold, brown or whites. They are made with 100% cotton yarn so they are comfortable as well as stylish. Towels around the 500 GSM mark are the optimum weight because they are able to maintain their super soft texture and high premium quality, whilst not being too heavy. This gives it less time to dry and allows easy use in general.

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