Wholesale Discounted Easy Care Duvets & Pillows

Perfect for establishments such as:

  • Private homes, Care homes, Nursing homes & Guest houses.


  • Prisons, Hospitals, Hotels, Student accommodations... and many more.

Our easy care duvets and pillows are manufactured with a hollowfibre filling. Hollowfibre, as the name suggests, consists of fibres which are completely hollow inside. This feature allows it to trap air inside the duvets and insulate you better, keeping you warmer for longer during those cold chilly nights. The fibres also ensure to protect and help your duvets maintain their shape and structure making them last for longer - which is why these are called our ‘easy care’ range. Hollowfibres are very thin, and therefore possess a super soft & light element. They also avoid aggravating allergies with their non-allergenic features - our easy care duvets are great value for money.

Easy care duvets are perfect for anybody who require bedding which is easy to maintain , and that’s said for a lot of us. This usually relates to working people who don’t have the time to mess about with fiddly laundry, or even for those unaware their bedding at home needs cleaning and replacing. It can also include hotels, hospitals, prisons, care homes - including any other business or institution with a busy workload and a lot of things to consider in running their premises.


  • 13.5

  • 10.5

  • 4.5


  • Single

  • Double

  • King Size

  • Super King

There are various different tog grades, meaning you can choose which best suits your requirements as well as how warm or cool you’d like your easy care duvet to be. And while you’re deciding, here is a fascinating fact – the word tog is thought to have come from the Roman word toga, the famous clothing that the romans wore – often made of a luxury fabric. Here at absolute we are experienced in catering any industry that require high quality bedding in bulk and wholesale -  making the lives of facilities managers easier. The discounts in this range are unbeatable!

We stock a range of the following easy care duvets found above:

| 13.5 Tog Easy Care Duvets | 10.5 Tog Easy Care Duvets | 4.5 Tog Easy Care Duvets | ...the best that money can buy for you and your bed.