Wholesale Discounted Flat Sheets

Here is our range of quality falt sheets - and at the best wholesale prices. Why not see our instutional flat sheets - suitble for hotels, guest houses and nursing homes as well as prisons and hospitals (available in fire retardant (BS-7175) specification).

Also see our domestic flat sheets:

As one of the leading outlets providing wholesale linen to UK customer, our Flat Sheet range is perfect for any organization looking to buy in bulk. We are used to wholesale selling, and we can help any institution make their life easier by ensuring they are delivered high quality bedding. Not only will we make the running of an institution easier at the point of sale, but this will continue since the sheets are hard wearing and machine washable throughout a long life of the product. Equally, they don’t crease easily and need very little ironing.

Our range includes Flame Retardant Flat Sheets made from polyester. The Polyester in the sheets are treated giving your skin a very soft and comforting feel, almost mimicking the feel of a polycotton sheet – these sheets are undoubtedly comfortable as well as very safe and last longing. They also come in a variety of colours because not every institution wants the standard white look! (Not that white has anything wrong with it at all – far from it!)

Of course, practical, these highly durable flat sheets are not something that only institutions need. Maybe your home is a place where hardy bedding is needed if the kids and pets put your bedding to the test every day. Our range of flat sheets is designed to suit all needs whether for private homes or public organizations. Let’s face it, everyone needs a good night’s sleep, wherever that sleep may be.