Wholesale Discounted - Flame Retardant Bedding

Our flame retardant bedding is fully BS7175 compliant; perfect for hotels and nursing homes etc.

We stock a huge range of:

  • Fire resistant pillowcases

  • Duvet covers

  • Duvets

  • Pillows

  • Flat sheets

  • Fitted sheets

We are experts in supplying bedding both wholesale and in bulk; aiming to provide high quality, long lasting, and easy to maintain the bedding for our clients.

BS7175 tested bedding has past the standard test in the UK ensuring the reliability of flame and fire retardant bedding is guaranteed. The tests are conducted under strict conditions and put through real life situations. For example, all of the different ways that a fire might start are considered – and there are eight different ways in total. These items were also tested in various temperatures and humidity conditions which aims to mimic those situations where fires tend to happen in – i.e very dry or hot conditions.

Here at Absolute, we have several waterproof options available. This kind of protection is essential for institutions, where spills and stains are inevitable. In the home too, accidents can happen, especially drink spillages and let’s be honest, when the children wet the bed it can be a real issue. Protected beddings can reduce the hassle of such accidents.

But efficiency and reliability isn’t the only important features of these products. They are all stylish and in a range of appealing colours, and they are made of soft and snuggly materials that will make you feel comfortable as well as safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require colours or sizes not shown here. Our well renowned customer service team are always here and happy to solve any of your queries.