Towels for Hotels, Spas, Guest Houses & Home

We supply towels to everyone; whether you require bathroom towels for home or wholesale bulk towels for your business, we cater to your needs.

Our supplies have been shipped around to many Institutional buyers:

  • Gym and Leisure Centres

  • Hospitals

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels... etc

Here you can find quality towels for retail and wholesale. We have bulk discount pricing on all individual towels and towel sets, and we have experience in providing towels in bulk, as well as other bathroom, bedroom and kitchen textiles etcWe manufacture our own branded towels and are confident in guaranteeing high quality towels at very affordable prices. Whether you need a single towel or a container-load, we are ready to serve you.

“Our customer feedback is testament to the quality and value for money of these quality towels.”

At Absolute we provide high quality Institutional towels -perfect for hotels, spas, guest houses & private homes. We supply towels to cater anyones’ need - whether you need bathroom towels which can suit your interior design - or whether you simply require wholesale bulk towels to supply for your business.

Our complete towel ranges also include the following items below:

Luxury Plain Towels | Hotel Institutional Towels | Luxury Embroidered Towels | Clearance Towels |

Here at Absolute we also understand pure white represents professionalism and most importantly cleanliness! We supply most of our products are in classic white - which is what a lot of institutions and catering businesses demand - however, we also provide many variations on this too – for businesses who desire something a bit different for their clients. For something like a hair salon, spa & beauty parlour or bed and breakfast, a change from the common white may be the more desirable option and is something we would also recommend. Whatever the look of the product – they are all of very high quality. As most of our towels are ring spun and specially woven - you’ll find our towels to be much softer and more absorbent whilst being equally durable and easy to use. They are also at optimum weight for towels – luxurious and soft yet at the same time not too long in drying, which most heavier towels are!

If you require wholesale towels in large quantities then contact us or buy onlineAt Absolute we are always happy to help and have a well renowned customer service team who have received countless amounts of praise from our clients.