Wholesale Discounted Clearance Towels

There are 15 other colours including:

| White | Black | Cream | Camel | Dark Brown | Sky Blue | Royal Blue | Navy Blue | Pink | Red | Lemon | Peach | Aqua Mint | Dark Green | Lilac |

The towels in this collection include:

  • 100% cotton luxury

  • 500GSM - perfect balance of material and weight to make a towel absorbent.

  • Long-lasting and quick drying.

Check in our quality clearance for: | Cheap Hand Towels | Cheap Bath Towels | Cheap Face Cloths | ...and many more.

We are experienced in providing top quality towels wholesale, and even to retail customers for private homes etc. These luxurious towels are perfect for all households, and it’s without a doubt, any catering business and cleaning department will benefit hugely from such top notch products at such reasonable prices. Our promise is you won’t compromise with the condition of our towels as their discounted prices would suggest you'd do. Their appearance and quality is beautiful, even to look at as they make you want to rush out of the bath and into the warm, and comforting cotton our towels feature! The 500 GSM luxury hand towels in wine colour are truly irresistible and are guaranteed to liven up your towel batch at home.

Here are our range of cheap clearance towels, sold at huge discount pricing.

At their discounted prices, these great specs will appeal to guest houses, as well as, bed & breakfasts in particular. We guarantee these towels will surely provide that homely feel to clients and customers which, in comparison, our Industrial Wholesale towels won’t always provide. Industrial Wholesale towels are often white and simplistic which is ideal for big hotels and institutions, but wouldn’t necessarily suit or appeal the bed & breakfast or guest house setting. Equally, these towels will add a touch of warmth and luxury to any bathroom, whether to impress your guests or simply to pamper yourself.

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