Wholesale Discounted Hollowfibre Duvets - 100% Polyester

About our Hollowfibre Duvets:

  • Manufactured from the highest quality.

  • 100% Luxurious Polyester fabric - Provides supreme comfort.

  • Easy care

  • Anti-allergenic

  • Highly Durable

Perfect for:

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Care Homes

  • Holiday Homes ...etc 

Take a look at our range of luxury superior quality polyester hollowfibre duvets. These duvets are synthetic, which means they can be controlled and tailored towards giving our customers the best sleep possible. Our polyester-hollowfibre bedding is manufactured to be very light and a lot more comfortable. The polyester is treated - feeling softer and more like a beautiful polycotton blend against the skin rather than it being rough, which is what’s traditionally associated to polyester. Another major advantage of polyester-hollowfibre is that it is kind to people with different allergies. Asthma is one major example, but there are many other health conditions that we understand could be aggravated by other kinds of bedding products. Polyester-hollowfibre duvets such as the ones in this range prevent all these risks with their ‘anti-allergenic’ meaning customers who have allergies can rest easy.


Within our polyester-hollowfibre range we have several options. These include:

Flame Retardant Duvets (BS 7175) – tested to the highest level possible and passing the BS7175 test designed to make absolutely sure that flame retardant bedding is capable of doing the job that its name suggests.

Waterproof Duvets - which will reduce the impact of accidents, whether in the home or in institutions.

- We have also have Bounce Back and Easy Care options which will mean our customers can find everything they need for their ideal duvet.

Here at Absolute, we are bedding wholesale and retail specialists - with logistical expertise to sell to big institutions such as prisons, hospitals and care homes etc. The products in this range are perfect for such institutions – where any number of eventualities are possible - from unknown allergies to accidents.

If you require any colours or sizes not shown here then do not hesitate to contact us. You can try reaching us through Live Chat between 9.30am - 6.00pm, where our well renowned customer service team are here ready to help solve all your queries.