Feather & Goose Down Luxury Pillows

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  • 100% Cotton Cambric Cover
  • 85% White Goose Feather, 15% White Goose Down Filling
  • Anti Allergenic
  • Highly Durable & Easy Care 
  • Machine Washable, Tumble Dry

Down consists of light and fluffy clusters that trap air by interlocking and overlapping each other. These air pockets help to maintain temperature and produce superior "loft" or volume. With a range of luxuriously hand picked feathers, these Feather & Down pillows offer exceptional warmth and plumpness. Pillows with more feather content than down, such as the 85%:15% blend pillows will be more firm than fluffy and will be a more resilient product that holds its shape longer. Pillows are available in white colour.

Fill “blends’ combine down and feathers to make a resilient and luxurious product. These fills are determined by weight and are represented with the down content first. So, in a 85%:15% fill, the number 15 indicates the product contains 15% down clusters while the second number, 85, represents 85% feather content by weight.

Geese, being larger birds, produce larger down clusters and feathers than those of similarly raised ducks. The larger clusters of down produced from geese make for a higher insulation factor. To that point, goose blends are usually the choice for clothing and bedding - where the higher insulation factor is of primary importance.

Our feather and goose down pillows are ideal for use in homes, hotels and nursing homes, all of which to whom we are able to supply, whether it be in retail or wholesale quantities, all for low and excellent prices.

Feel free to browse the rest of our extensive pillow and bedding range, as our products are sure to meet any of your bedding requirements!


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Sharon Crook 26th Jun 2018

Excellent delivery service and very …

Excellent delivery service and very good value for money. I wouldnt buy my bedding from anywhere else

Shelagh Bonnichon 30th May 2018

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

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