Top 10 Ways to Recycle Your Old Towels

We have a lot of useful things within our household, and it can easily be said that the towel is one of them. If you adhere to one of the greatest British comedians of all time – Douglas Adams – he states that you must always bring a towel along with you, no matter what.

But what happens when your towel becomes old and raggedy?

Most people would simply go and throw it away in the garbage. There are some other alternatives though.

Perhaps you have never thought about it, but you can recycle your towel just like you can do that with anything else. Read on for 10 ways that you can recycle your towels at home.


1. Consider making an ironing board. When a towel grows older, it becomes firmer to the touch as well. This is why you can iron it out a bit, and then adjust it with a plank of some sort.

This will make the ideal ironing board for you. You can save a lot of money from that, because the truly good boards out there are pricey, and offer the same firmness as an old towel.

2. Donate to an animal shelter. You would be surprised how many things animal shelters can use a good old towel for you.

Starting from drying out wet fur of course, you can also think about things like lining pet cages, providing comfortable bedding for the animals and much more. This is why if you love animals this might be just the thing you can do to make a little friend happier.

3. Make a toy for your dog or cat. No seriously, what do you think most small toys for animals are made from? Just make an intricate knot and create a small toy, which can easily be chewed and thrown around the house. Your pet will adore it just as much as any other toy.

4. Old towels can be used for picnics as well. This is why you can always keep one in the trunk of your car for beach goings and picnics that are outside of your plan. You might never know when you are going to get some bright ideas along the way.

5. If you see that your old towels are in good condition still, you can also donate them. Both churches and homeless shelters generally accept old towels, as long as their condition is still usable.

6. If you happen to be a craftsman of sorts, you can also use old towels, color them a bit, and then stitch them into something usable. Your new beach bag might appear pretty slick, and people will never know that it is made out of your old towel!

7. By hemming the edges a bit, you can also use them as dish towels.

8. Do you like cooking? How can you go without your very own “kiss the cook” apron? Just cut the old towel a bit and make your very own cooking apron.

9. Old towels can turn out to be excellent cleaning rags in a while.

10. Make art. Old towels and some paint can make up some pretty awesome shapes. Even if you can’t hang them on the wall, you can use them for a Halloween costume later on.

It is clear that towels can have a lot of uses even when they are old and ragged. It is up to you to employ some of your imagination so that you make the best thing out of them. Just always remember that you can have a lot of fun if you spend some time thinking.

This article has been written by  Claire Grimsby