Choose The Right Bedding With Absolute Home Textiles

Create your dream sleeping space with Absolute Home Textiles. We offer a wide range of bedding products to suit any bedroom décor and size.

Our quality bedding is designed to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses alike. We offer bed linen for everyone, including wholesale duvet covers, flame retardant products and bedding packs, so you can find all the bedding you need for your home or business.

Most pieces of bedding should be replaced every year, so you should buy new bedding whenever your old bed linen is out of date to ensure everyone in your home gets a restful night's sleep.

Finding The Right Bedding For Every Room

Choosing the right sheets and bedding products for every part in your home is fun but can be a challenge, especially as there's such an extensive array of products on offer.

Each part of your property has different types of furniture and requires a unique style of bed linen to give you, your family and guests a great night's sleep.

Master Bedroom

In your master bedroom you need to find the right bedding, bed linen, duvets and more that fits with your décor and is comfortable, so you can rest easy every night.

A master bedroom is usually a statement space, where you can express your true personality and transform your room into a space that reflects your tastes.

It's the space where you'll sleep and show off your sense of style, so you need to make sure you find the right textiles. Take the time to browse our selection to find the perfect products for master bedroom.

Spare Bedroom

For a spare bedroom, you don't need to worry so much about looks and focus on choosing neutral, comfortable bedding.

Choose bedding that's warm for the winter, such as brushed cotton options, and lighter bed linen for the spring and summer months.

While looks aren't as important in a spare bedroom, you still need to take them into account when choosing bed linen. Bedding sets can be a cost-effective way to ensure that your spare bedroom pillows, pillow cases, duvet covers and fitted sheets match.

It won't help anyone get a good night's sleep, but it will make your spare bedroom look neat and tidy.

Children's Bedroom

In a children's bedroom, you need to find bed linen items that will be comfy and inviting for your little ones.

For very young children, including babies and toddlers, temperature is critical, so you need to make sure their duvets are the right thickness throughout the year.

Growing children need the right mattress to ensure they're always comfortable. If you're not sure about the type of mattress they prefer, then test out a selection of mattress toppers to find the one that suits them.

Older kids might want their bed to reflect their passions, such as sports or superheroes, so you could consider branded duvet covers and pillow cases.

If your child has a 4-foot bed, then we have bed linen to fit these beds, so you can find the perfect products and shop items for your entire home and everyone in it.

More Than Just Bedding

Absolute Home Textiles offers the highest quality bedding on the market, so you and your family can get the perfect night's rest and enjoy every room in your home.

Our online shop also features a wide range of additional textile products, including table linen, towels, bath robes, bath mats, kitchen linens, PPE and more.

With so many high-quality textiles available, you can find everything you need in one place with Absolute Home Textiles. Our products come in a wide range of colours and are snug and comfy, so you can find something that meets your needs and suits your tastes when you shop with us.

Wholesale Discounted Bed Linen

We are the no.1 suppliers for:

  • Hotels
  • Guest houses
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals... etc

Here at Absolute, we understand that all kinds of institutions have a very important job to do without having to worry about the basics of running their facilities.

When you find that our superior quality bedding are easy care and easy to maintain, then life, without a doubt, is made easier for all our clients i.e. staff, consumers and patients. With our wide range of top quality and hard-wearing products, we aim to beat the best prices online.

We also acknowledge safety to be an important issue for many places as well – and we have a selection of Flame Retardant Products that are BS 7175 compliant - perfect for areas where fire safety is a priority. Our Flame Retardant Duvet Covers are of a top quality range, 100% polyester fabric and guarantee to be long lasting. All flame retardant items are easy iron and are extremely safe which is why they are popular with institutions across the UK. Also, our choices of mattress protectors are designed to help improve the hygiene and safety for all institutions. For example, Care Homes, Hotels, Prisons and many more.

At Absolute Home Textiles, we've allowed our customers to choose from a wide range of bed linen; from basic bedding to something with a bit more variation to it. Our customers are special to us and we enjoy making close relationships with clients to make sure they have the best shopping experience on our site.

We understand many customers look for bedding that can fit bigger beds and mattresses more than anything else. Therefore, our range of bed linen includes extra deep fitted sheets, which allow you to cover any mattress upto 16". If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your rooms – our variety of base valances can provide exactly that.

Our huge range of high quality bedding at wholesale prices are in stock for immediate UK dispatch. We are the no.1 suppliers of high quality bed linen to hotels, guest houses, nursing homes and hospitals etc.

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